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The Vales

Facility for the elderly covering areas of assisted living and frail care,

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A full Management team is in place from Catering, Nursing and Financial management.

The present Management team include

NURSING MANAGER –  Sr. Val Ball has been in the business of caring for the elderly since 1983. Has over 30 years experience, she is a recognised authority and consultant on Alzheimer and other forms of Dementia. Her facility serves to maintain individualism as far as possible, providing and maintaining a high standard of care with love and compassion. This dedication is encouraged throughout the full spectrum of staff working at The Vales.

CATERING MANAGER – Mrs. Ruth Manson-Bishop has Management skills in the administration of catering and caring, she has been in the employment of The Vales for the past 2 years, has done 9 years Care Giving in the United Kingdom and has managed her own Restaurant. The administration, maintenance, and general management of the facility are done by the owners of The Vales, ensuring a continued high standard of all services. Ongoing “in house” training and encouragement of staff to undertake outside courses is a main objective in order to uplift the staff and maintain a quality service to all residents.

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