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The Vales

Facility for the elderly covering areas of assisted living and frail care,

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Rest Home for the Elderly


We assist retired and elderly persons, some of whom require specialized care for Alzheimer’s and Dementia, this makes the facility a fairly unique area of care.

• Residents have come from as far afield as United Kingdom, Botswana, Johannesburg and Western Cape.

• The Natal South Coast has historically been a “retired person retreat” who need to be cared for,  as age progresses, providing a constant flow of clients.

• Parents not being cared for by children as so many have left to pursue lives in other countries.

• There is a large hinterland of timber and sugar cane farmers who frequent Pennington as a holiday destination, eventually retire to this area.

• There is a limited number of facilities catering to the needs of the Disabled and wheelchair bound residents.

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