Elderly Care Services

When it comes to elderly care, one of the most common questions family members ask is “How do I / we know it’s time to move mom / dad to a care facility?”

Important issues to consider when contemplating the need for elderly care:

  • Are daily activities becoming difficult to manage, either from physical limitations such as;
    • Mobility.
    • Preparations of meals and providing sufficient fluids to drink.
    • General hygiene both personal and home.
    • Socializing with others.
  • or medical problems such as;
    • Memory loss.
    • Incontinence.
    • Incorrect medication administration.
    • Confusion to date, time and place.

If the answer was “yes” to any of these then it may be time to consider the move to an elderly care facility.

The Vales, Home for the Elderly in Pennington, offers separate accommodation for both our Assisted Living Facility and our Frail Care FacilityEach of these facilities has a “home from home” feeling.

Our elderly care facilities each have their own garden area with magical pathways. The tranquil atmosphere and seating areas are designed to encourage residents to appreciate the bird life and being outdoors. The gardens also create a space for family members to share special moments. We provide full service elderly care by competent, compassionate staff with 24 hour security and supervision.