The Area

Pennington is a quaint coastal town and considered one of the jewels of the KwaZulu-Natal south coast. A tranquil atmosphere and lack of city-noise, coupled with pristine beaches which stretch for kilometers and are bordered by a privately owned natural coastal forest make the area ideal for retired living.

The area is abundant with bird life which can be seen throughout our beautiful gardens. This offers residents a wonderful source of entertainment. Our flowering gardens bloom year round which also creates and atmosphere of lush, vibrant colour and warmth. Small wildlife such as bush buck and monkeys, can also be frequently spotted in the area.

With a sub-tropical climate, the weather in Pennington is warm, even in the winter months. This, combined with unpolluted, clean air are two factors that make the area attractive for elderly retirement. Allergies, respiratory illnesses and general ‘aches and pains’ tend to be ‘easier’ to cope with as well in this idyllic climate.